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About us

About Us

We WinDesigns are Experienced, Young and Dynamic TEAM which has till date delivered what they have promised. We cover a wide scope from product Design to development to its production, assembly, packing etc.
Why Us?

Powerful Team: Our team is made up of experienced persons who are masters in various domain areas like mechanical, Tooling, Hydraulics, Pneumatics, Electronics, Electrical, Optics, Magnetic Chemical etc.

Minimum Turn around Period:  Win Designs have tied up with lot of sister concerns for manufacturing, prototyping and production. With more than 2 decades of experience in manufacturing industry and with practical experience which gives us lot of wisdom in choosing right team for the job, which in turn reduces the turnaround time and give you first time right job, saving your time and money.

Conversion Rate: Our rate of conversion from product design to physical product which is now sold in various internet platforms is more than 75%. This proves that our solutions are practical, simple, effective and accepted.

Cost effective: WinDesigns work with simple but effective team in place with minimal overhead cost. Win designs major cliental list is start-up companies who have won prestigious award in state and national levels. We are proud to be associated with them and play our role in designing and developing such products. Our start-up cliental proves that we are cost effective and easily affordable.

One stop shop: Win Designs handle projects from concept designing to product manufacturing, which means there is no blame story. We shoulder the responsibility and give you clear scope of the work we take up before we start of any activity.

Since we cover wide scope from design to production. You can avoid numerous suppliers which unnecessary complicates, when struck with some issues by giving raise to blame stories. So here we are who can be right solution in place.

Let’s start…..

Steps of Approach:

  1. Analyse your Need: Win Designs starts with knowing each other, and taking ample time in knowing and analysing the need, showering our experiences in that relevant activity. Every micro detail shall be part of our discussion which shall include packaging, usage shelf life etc.
  2. Define scope of work: we clearly demarcate our scope and gather all the inputs of the projects. We shall clearly communicate challenges and critical areas of the project; identify the possible solutions, once we have agreed mutually solutions along with commercials, moving to next step.
  3. Physical actions: Assign right team with single point of contact and periodic meetings with entire team. Weekly progress is posted and direction of work is communicated before hand to avoid loss of time.
  4. Technical report: A detail explanation of the solutions to the challenges faced and the overall report on the product feature description.
  5. Prototype: Proposal for prototype as per need and testing of the proto in all means and ways that shall make it look close to the original product, record the feedback and revisit draft board to address any issues and then role out for production.
  6. Production: we design in-house injection moulds, jigs and fixtures and get it manufactured, for the product production, with updating the client with weekly progress. We go hand in hand till you have approved the first lot and subsequently approved for the upcoming production.